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15000 PSI Ball Valve


Highpressure Ball Valve - 1050 BAR (15000 PSI)


15000 PSI Ball Valve



HYDAC is pleased to announce the release of our NEW 15,000 psi stainless steel high pressure ball valve. Constructed of high strength, corrosive resistant materials, a 1” full bore valve will significantly increase flow rates which results in deeper oil/gas drilling capabilities.


Product advantages

High strength, corrosion resistant Duplex 2205 material

Trunion ball design reduces torque requirements

3.5 times increased flow rates by 1” full bore valve compared to conventional

15.000psi valves

Metal ball seats

Maintenance free due to proprietary design

Compact design will significantly reduce valuable space, piping and weight, which is extremely critical to all offshore applications

Quick/easy valve exchange without welding due to Grayloc design or Butt Weld

Prepared for actuator adaption ISO5211



Offshore oil and gas deep sea drilling, Chemical Injection, Methan Hydrate Inhibitor, Methanol, MEG, Scale Inhibitor, Corrosion inhibitor...


Please feel free to contact HYDAC to enquire about our entire range of products:
Phone: 1300 449 322

Download PDF : Technews 1132 - 15000 PSI Ball Valve


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