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Manuf. code

Type code (new)

RSE30-10N                      0080MA010P

RSE30-25N                      0080MA025P

RSE35-10N                      0080MG010P

RSE50-10F                       0160MA010BN

RSE50-10N                      0160MA010P

RSE50-25F                       0160MA020BN

RSE50-25N                      0160MA025P

RSE50-3F                         0160MA003BN

RSE50-3N                        0160MA003P

RSE50-5N                        0160MA005BN

RSE51-10N                      0160MG010P

RSE60-10F                       0180MA010BN

RSE60-10N                      0180MA010P

RSE60-25N                      0180MA025P

RSE60-3F                        0180MA003BN

RSE60-3N                       0180MA003P

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