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HMGWIN 3000 PC Software

This software is a convenient and simple package for analysing and archiving curves and logs which have been recorded using the HMG 3000, or for exporting the data for integration into other PC programs, if required.

In addition it is also possible to operate the HMG 3000 directly from the computer. Basic settings and real-time measurements can be started and displayed directly on the PC screen as measurement curves progress.

Some examples of the numerous functions:

  • Transfer and archiving of measurements recorded using the HMG 3000
  • Display of the measurements in graph form or as a spreadsheet
  • Zoom function
  • Accurate measurement of the curves using ruler tool
  • Individual comments and measurement information can be included in the graph
  • Overlay of curves
  • Using mathematical operations, new curves can be added.
  • Snap-shot function: comparable to the function of a digital camera, a picture can be taken immediately of any graph and saved as a jpg file.
  • Produce a professional measurement report at the click of a mouse.
  • Real-time function:
    Start, record and display measurements in real-time
    (similar to the function of an oscilloscope)

HYDAC Electronics Software

Download HMGWIN 3000 Version 02.R03

Firmware HMG 3000

HMG Update Instructions


CMWIN PC Software


This software has been developed especially for Condition Monitoring applications. Additional to the HMGWIN 3000 functions, this software enables the reading out of measured values and configuration and setting up of Condition Monitoring Sensors (HLB 1300 / 1400, AS 1000, CS 1000) as well as Condition Monitoring devices (CMU 1000, CSI-F-10).

Included in the CMWIN  PC-Software, is an IEC 61131 standard programming environment, enabling the development and commissioning of application programs for the CMU 1000 und CSI-F-10.

Download CMWIN Version 03.R04

CMU 1000 Fimrware





If a HYDAC Measuring instrument (e.g. HMG 3000, HMG 510, CMU 1000) is being connected for the first time with the PC via USB, then you must first install the HYDAC USB driver "HE-Virtual-Comport-Driver".

The driver is included on the CD-ROM contained in the scope of delivery.

Download Virtual Comport Driver Version 5.3

NOTE: This driver is for both Windows XP / Windows 7


Pressure Transmitter HDA 7000 CANopen

EDS file and Operating manual of the CANopen interface

The pressure transmitter HDA 7000 CAN complies with the CANopen Standard according to the defined profiles and standards.

The EDS file (electronic data sheet) contains all the information on the parameters specific to the measurement system as well as the types of operation of the measurement system. The EDS file is integrated using the CANopen network configuration tool in order to be able to configure or operate the measurement system properly.

The operating manual of the CANopen interface describes the functions supported by the HDA 7000 CANopen. (A basic knowledge of CAN and CANopen is required.)

Download HDA 7000 Version 01.R10 EDS

Download HDA 7000 Version 01.R11 EDS

To download a program onto your computer, please click on the relevant icon.
The programs are stored as ZIP files. You will need to unpack the file in order to install it.  

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