Process Technology

HYDAC has been creating filtration solutions for process fluids since 1983. This experience has contributed to the development of advanced technology to support a wide product range.  HYDAC Process Technology Systems are used in many different industries and use a variety of elements.

Process Technology

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    • Process Water Filtration
      – Self Cleaning Filters
      – Cartridge Filters
    • Gas Filtration
      – Machine Tool Coolant
    • Chemical Fluid Filtration
    • Ballast Water Filtration


    • Textiles
    • Oil and Gas
    • Water
    • Chemicals
    • Steel
    • Power Plant
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Sewage Plants
    • Automotive
    • Mining


    • Automatic backflushing filters AutoFilt
    • Inline filters and basket strainers
    • Gas filters
    • Element technology
    • System Solutions


    • Material resistance to aggressive media
    • High volumes, elastomers in EPDM or Butyl and sealing systems in Kalrez
    • Various stainless steels
    • Design and manufacture according to customer specification
    • Flushing with required cleanliness classes
    • Certification to ATEX


Process_PLF        Process_Tech_PRFLD        Process_RF3

DEF.10.103.6Components Systems and Service for Industrial Processing
E.7.710.1Inline Filters for Process Technology
E.7.811.2Automatic Back-Flushing Filter AutoFilt RF9
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