Fuel filtration for on board engines

In order to guarantee trouble-free operation of commercial vehicles exposed to the harshest operating conditions all over the world, and in order to protect both the engine and the whole drive train from damage, optimum conditioning of the diesel fuel is particularly important. Indeed, separation between fuel and water is primordial to avoid any system breakdown.

HYDAC has designed a comprehensive range of products for mobile diesel filtration which protects the vehicle manufacturer and operator from any contamination, stoppages and expensive service interventions.

First of all, HYDAC Diesel PreCare, a water separating fuel filter, possesses two versions (manual water drain and fully automatic discharge) both designed for use as pre-filters on the suction side. Both protect all the pumps and components in the fuel system from water and contamination.

The other option for fuel-water separator filter is the HYDAC Diesel MainCare. This cup filter system ensures efficient and reliable filtration of diesel fuel in the main flow. This product answers to the demand of application-specific elements with the highest possible contamination retention capacity, with compact dimensions, compatible with biofuels elements and environmentally friendly.

Besides, in conjunction with our customers, we develop main filter modules whose technical data meets the customer‘s requirements and specifications.

The HYDAC HDP Diesel PreCare filter series is a diesel filter with a flow capacity up to 600 l/h.

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