HYDAC Service Centre: a programme tailored to the customers

HYDAC Service Centre together with its Service Partners can offer you a complete package of services. We can create a service package tailored to your needs after in-depth consultation.

Whether it is to support existing in-house maintenance or sub-contracting the complete package, we will always find the best solution for you.

Hydraulic equipment repair service

As part of our hydraulic services, we undertake repairs for the entire HYDAC product range as well as other makes of equipment.
Depending on your requirements, we can carry out individually commissioned repairs with prior consideration to costs and develop repair packages to include spare and reserve parts.


As part of our hydraulic services, we also offer:


  • Fluid engineering: we deliver a coordinated package of services.
  • Fluid handling: we assure to fill any system with new oil, clean tanks a complete oil change.
  • Condition monitoring: we provide software for high-performance monitoring / archiving and control system.
  • Component cleanliness: we conduct component cleanliness analyses based on existing standards.
  • Commissioning: An experienced team of project supervisors, electronic engineers, electricians, hydraulic engineers, fitters and welders are available for any assignments.


HYDAC Fluid Engineering covers the entire spectrum of fluid technology.

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