Preventive Maintenance On Mining Equipment

Mining industry demands higher productivity and higher efficiency and the industry increasingly rely on the use of electro-hydraulics, higher system pressures and tighter tolerances. Equipment preventive maintenance is crucial as these machines become extremely sensitive to contamination in the oil.

If the cleanliness level is not monitored and efforts for improvement not made early enough, wear and tear can gradually reduce the system efficiency. Sometimes the system efficiency can fall by 20% before the machine operator even notices a problem.

How It Works

The preventive maintenance management starts with fluid condition monitoring, see below how it works:

  • Continuous monitoring of the machinery via the condition of the fluid and the fluid conditioning components
  • Maintenance intervals can be planned according to the need
  • Helps to reveal defects and developing damage in due time
  • Helps to prevent unplanned machine stoppages
  • Increases availability, safety and productivity
  • Increases efficiency, because components no longer have to be over-sized
  • As part of the Life Cycle Management, costs can be saved

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