Safety Equipment for Hydraulic Accumulators


Hydraulic accumulators are pressure vessels, as defined by PED 97/23/EC, and as such their manufacture is subject to the statutory pressure equipment regulations.

For safety in the workplace, system manufacturers and operators must draw up a risk assessment for the particular site.

These must take into account possible risks at the installation site, particularly in combination with external factors.

Fundamental risks affecting hydraulic accumulators are:

  • Excessive pressure and
  • Temperature increase (e.g. in the event of an external fire).

HYDAC provides the appropriate safety equipment to protect accumulators from excessive values on the gas and fluid side; see also catalogue section: Accumulators No. 3.000.

HYDAC safety devices have a CE marking and are shipped with a declaration of conformity.

A gas safety block simplifies the operation of hydraulic accumulators on the gas-side and also provides a means of attaching the above safety equipment using the various ports.

HYDAC accumulator technology = safety from a single source

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