Pump-Transfer Cooler Filtration Unit UKF for Gearboxes

UKF gearboxes

This pump transfer cooler filtration unit (UKF) has been specially designed for cooling and lubricating stationary gearboxes. It consists of a gear pump, a filter and a plate heat exchanger. Its compact design enables quick, simple integration into the offline circuit.


Continuous cooling and offline filtration extend the service life of the oil and of the gears. The duplex filter enables the filter to be changed without switching off the unit. In addition, there is an integrated thermal bypass valve which ensures that the system continues to run even at low temperatures because the cold oil is not fed through the plate heat exchanger. Once the oil is warm enough it can flow through the heat exchanger to cool the unit.
To guarantee a constant oil temperature an optional water flow controller can be fi tted which supplies just enough water to the plate heat exchanger as is necessary to achieve the required oil temperature.
Pressure, temperature or flow rate sensors can also be added to the control block.


  • Cooling
  • Lubrication of gearboxes


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