Cooling Mobile Systems / Combi Coolers


The Emissions Directive for engines in mobile machinery has been structured to reduce emissions progressively which can lead to a drastic increase in the required heat dissipation and a corresponding adjustment in cooler size. The limited installation space available in a mobile machine must therefore be utilised efficiently and intelligently.

In mobile machines, multiple cooling circuits can be combined together in various ways in a CMS mobile cooler:

  • Charge air cooling
  • Coolant cooling
  • Oil-cooling: gearbox, hydraulics, fan drive, axles
  • Fuel cooling
  • Condenser

If required, a heat exchanger for the A/C condenser can also be integrated into the cooling system


The cooler comprises a set of cooling elements in different layouts, either side-by-side or front-to-back. With the addition of a fan cover, a protective grille and a fan (also available with motor) this cooler package is supplied to the customer ready for installation.
KULI simulation software is used to determine the optimal combination and configuration of heat exchangers and fan. In addition, CFD software can be used to visualize and calculate air fl ow and heat management in the engine compartment.
This helps to reduce development costs.
Special cooling fins ensure suitability for use in dusty environments, for example, in agriculture and forestry or for applications in the mining sector.

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