Offline Filter – OLF5


The OLF 5 and 10 series filters are used for the fine filtration of hydraulic oils offline, with a flow capacity up to 15 l/min.

The series comprises numerous versions, for example with or without motor-pump unit, element removal from either top or bottom, in-tank mounting, with optional sensors for determining the cleanliness code and water content, etc.

For every application, HYDAC can, therefore, provide the right unit. Depending on the model, flow rates of up to 15 l/min and viscosities of up to 7,000 mm²/s can be handled. The Dimicron elements used are characterised by – a particularly high contamination retention capacity – environmentally safe disposal (incinerable) and – water absorption (optional).

Its applications are machine tools, plastic injection moulding machines, mobile hydraulics, industrial hydraulics and wind power.


  • Improvement of component and system filter lifetime
  • Greater machine availability
  • Longer oil changes intervals
  • Minimum space requirement due to compact design
  • Very easy maintenance
  • Elements have a high contamination retention capacity
  • Option: Continuous monitoring of solid particle contamination and water saturation in the oil during cleaning
  • Environmentally safe disposal of elements (incinerable)


  • Flow rate Hydraulic Line: max. 15 l/min
    Flow rate Lubrication Line: max. 4 l/min
  • Operating pressure Hydraulic Line: max. 4.5 bar
    operating pressure Lubrication Line: max. 3.5 bar
  • Improvement of component and filter service life
  • High service-friendliness


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