Tank Breather Filter with Filter Strainer – Lockable Option – ELF


The HYDAC ELF filter series is tank breather filter with filter strainer, lockable option and a flow capacity up to 5500 l/min.

Tank breather filters size 4, 10, 3 and 30 consist of an air filter top, which is connected to the mounting flange by a bayonet plate or a threaded boss, and a filler strainer.

Sizes 5 and 52 consist of a two-part threaded air filter top, with built-in oil mist trap, one or two exchangeable filter element(s) and a filler strainer.

Sizes 7 and 72 consist of a two-part flanged filter top, an exchangeable filter element and a filter strainer.


  • Air flow up to 5500 l/min
  • Fastening by means of flange or screw connection
  • Installation sizes: 4, 10, 3, 30, 7, 72, 5, 52


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