Electric Hydraulic Tensioning Pump

Electric Hydraulic Tensioning Pump

HYDAC Electric Hydraulic Tensioning Pump is a compact hydraulic power unit that has 2 functionalities (high pressure – low flow and high flow – low pressure) depending on the load, and it’s built into the radial piston pump.
The unit comes with a manual directional control valve, a bleed down needle valve (to control lowering speed) and a remote pressure control valve. An optional roll cage or carrying handle are available upon request.
The power unit can be assembled with 6.5 litre or 12 litre hydraulic tank.


  • Bolt tensioning
  • Concrete reinforcement
  • High-pressure jacking
  • Rescue tools


  • Custom designed manifold
  • Bieri hydraulic components
  • High / Low radial piston pump
  • Pendant and local control on electric box


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