Needle Valve, Direct Acting, Inline Mounted – DV / DRV 06 to 16


The DV is an inline mounted flow control valve which controls the flow by adjusting the cross-section.

The flow rate is therefore dependent on the pressure differential and viscosity. Starting with the throttle spindle in the fully closed position, the flow rate increases in accordance with the appropriate curve as the control knob is turned. The flow is controlled in both directions.
The scale on the lower edge of the control knob enables accurate repeat setting. The DRV is a flow control valve in the same design which also allows the same fine flow adjustment, but in one direction only.
Unrestricted flow in the reverse direction is via the built-in check valve (cracking pressure 0.5 bar).


  • For regulating the speed of loads
  • For fine adjustment and shut-off of the flow
  • For system-related damping in hydraulic circuits
  • To release pressure from accumulator systems
  • As an emergency drain for lowering a load without a dead man’s circuit
  • Spindle patented secured before complete loosening
  • An Allen set-screw locks the setting of the knob
  • Choice of five sizes ensures best possible adaptability to the system
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