2-Port-Slip-In Cartridge Valve, Directional Function – Cone Type B


The 2-port slip-in cartridge valves (also: “Logics”) from HYDAC are the valves with the highest performance and largest-size. They are controlled by the corresponding cover with built-in pilot valves, which make the high pressures and flow rates possible.

The main flow through the ports A and B is hydraulically operated by a controlling pressure at port X. The cartridge valve is normally closed leakage free A <-> B. It consists of a poppet with sleeve, cone and closing spring. The closing spring is located in the valve cone and affects the minimum operating pressure. Furthermore it is holding the valve in the unloaded position closed.


  • 2-port slip-in cartridge valves according to ISO 7368 with two operational ports A and B.
  • Valve cone without damping nose
  • Hydraulic control by pilot pressure applied to port X
  • Optional with sealing between cone and sleeve = leakage free B <-> X (see MODEL CODE, detail “X”)


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