2-Port-Slip-In Cartridge Valve, Directional Function – Cone Type C with Damping


The 2-port slip-in cartridge valves (also: “Logics”) from HYDAC are the valves with the highest performance and largest-size. They are controlled by the corresponding cover with built-in pilot valves, which make the high pressures and flow rates possible.

The main flow through the ports A and B is hydraulically operated by a controlling pressure at port X. The cartridge valve is normally closed leakagefree A <-> B. It consists of a poppet with sleeve, a cone with damping nose and a closing spring. The closing spring is located in the valve cone and affects the minimum operating pressure. Furthermore it is holding the valve in the unloaded position closed.


  • 2-port slip-in cartridge valve according to ISO 7368 with two operational ports A and B.
  • Valve cone with damping nose to avoid pressure surge
  • Hydraulic control by pilot pressure applied to port X

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