Pilot-to-Open, Poppet Type, Cartridge – ERVE 08021 / 16021 / 20021

Pilot-to-Open, Poppet Type, Cartridge ERVE 08021 / 16021 / 20021

The pilot-to-open check valve ERVE 08021 is a direct-acting poppet valve. Its function is to hold the consumer in position leak free (5 drops per minute).

The valve allows flow from port 2 to port 1. In the opposite direction, the ball is pressed onto the seat by the closing spring and the pressure at port 1, and blocks flow from 1 to 2.
If a sufficiently high control pressure is introduced at port 3, the ball is pressed against the closing spring and oil flows from 1 to 2. In this case port 2 must not be pressurized. The check valves ERVE 16021 and
ERVE 20021 function according to the same principle but with first stage decompression. The first stage only opens when the control pressure is introduced providing damped relief of the pressurized fluid. A further stroke of the control piston then causes the main stage to open, permitting flow from 1 to 2.


  • To prevent creeping of loaded cylinders which are controlled by spool valves
  • To prevent uncontrolled movement of loaded consumers
  • Hardened and ground internal valve components to ensure minimal wear and extended service life
  • Low pressure drop by CFD optimized flow path
  • Consumer is held in position leak-free
  • External surfaces zinc-plated and corrosion-proof
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