Direct Acting, Spool Type, SAE-8 Cartridge – DR08-01

Pressure Reducing valve DR08-01

The DR08 is a direct-acting, spring-loaded, spool type pressure reducing valve.

Its function is to maintain a constant pressure at the consumer. In the normal position, the pressure port 2 is connected to the consumer port 1. The pressure building at the consumer acts on the face of the control spool and moves it upwards against the set spring force. Therefore the flow at port 2 is restricted enough to satisfy the consumer’s demand without increasing the pressure.

In addition the valve has a pressure relieving function: If the pressure across consumer port 1 rises above the control pressure due to external force, the control piston is pushed further against the spring and relieves the consumer to tank port 3.

See data-sheet for drawings, dimensions, model code, etc…


External surfaces zinc-plated and corrosion-proof with integral maximum stroke limitation
Adjustable throughout flow range
Hydrodynamic damping
Optional spring ranges up to 207 bar
Quick response
Compact design
Hardened and ground internal valve components to ensure minimal wear and extended service life

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