Direct Acting, Poppet Type, Metric Cartridge – DB12120A-CE

Pressure relief valve DB12120A-CE

The pressure relief valve DB12120A-CE is a direct-acting, spring-loaded poppet valve with CE mark and TÜV SV.

Its function is to relieve pressure in the system. The spring exerts a force on the poppet and presses it on the valve seat. If the hydraulic pressure is below the pre-set spring tension, the valve is closed. Only if the hydraulic force exceeds the pre-set spring tension does the valve open and flow is diverted to tank via port 2. To ensure that stable operation is maintained, the poppet is securely located in the damping piston which produces a damping force, opposing the direction of movement, and this has a stabilizing effect.

See data-sheet for drawings, dimensions, model code, etc…

The valve DB12120A-CE is classified as a safety valve according to PED. Always follow the operating instructions supplied with the valve!

The key points are stated below:

  • Tank pressure (port 2) must be p2 max = 0 bar!
  • If the connections are incorrect, the safety function of the valve is disabled!
  • The pressure setting must not be altered!
  • The valve must not be tampered with!
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