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change-over filter 


Change-over Filter in Cast Design


New Design – Less is more!


Change-Over Filter



With the newly designed cast filter RFLD 2701 in DN 150 HYDAC succeeded incomplementing the RFLD filter range 111-1321 by one more size: 2701. The performance data of the RFLD 2701 even exceed the performance data of the welded filter RFLD 2500 CAV. The RFLD 2701 is made out of ductile graphite iron and from now it is a part of the HYDAC sales program. In addition the conception of the new filter in cast steel and special steel cast is almost finished. In analogy to the current RFLD range these filter types will have the description RFLD 2702 and 2703.

These new change-over inline filters are fitted with the filter element innovation, 2700 R..., (only one element per housing).


Technical Features:

• Max. flow: 2500 l/min

• Approved operating pressure: 16 bar

• In- and outlet: DIN DN 150 / ASME B16.5-6‘‘-150 lbs (AD guidelines and ASME requirements)

• Only 1 element per filter housing



New filter design optimized in flow behavior, due to optimized housing and new element.

Easy handling during element change, since only one element per side has to be replaced and only 4 screws fix the cover. Through the additional deaeration located on the filter rear the isassembly of an eventual pipe-work is not necessary.

High operation safety, since no direct flow the element is not directly flown against.

Longer service life (replacement intervals), through the use of a newly designed filter element 2700 R..

Very compact design

Flexible usability, appropriate when AMSE approval is required.



Typical for applications in the stationary industry.



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Download PDF : Technews 1046 - Change-over Filter


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