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Hydraulic Symbols – Basic Shapes

Main hydraulic line

Pilot or drain line

Group 2 or more components in a sub-assembly

Mechanical connection (shaft, lever, piston, rod 1/5 l)

Energy conversion units, pump, motor, compressor (circle Ø1)

Measurement device (circle Ø 3/4)

Check valves, mech. connections, rollers (circle Ø 1/3)

Motor or pump with limited angle of rotation (circle Ø)

Control envelope, drive units except electric motors (lenght = 1 l)

Preparation devices (filters, separators, lubrication devices, heat exchangers) length = 1 l

Mechanical weight building block

Cylinder or valve

Piston for cylinders

Operator envelope frame for operational modes

Cushioning in cylinders

Reservoir (typical)

Accumulator building block. Sealed and pressurized reservoir

Hand pump

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