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Hydraulic Symbols – Pumps & Motors

Pumps with one or two flow directions

Motors with one or two flow directions

Units which can act as both pumps and motors. With direction flow reversibility, with one flow direction and with two flow directions.

Hydraulic pump with one flow and rotation direction and fixed displacement volume

Hydraulic motor with alternating directions of flow, constant displacement and two rotary directions

Hydraulic pump / motor with one flow direction

Hydraulic motor with one direction of flow, adjustable displacement

Hydraulic pump with one pressure-controlled direction of rotation, adjustable spring and leakage oil line

Hydraulic pump / motor with two directions of rotation, externally pilot-operated, spring-centered adjustment device and leakage oil line

Hydraulic pump / motor with flow direction, changeable displacement through manual adjustment, external leakage line and two directions of rotation

Compact drive unit with one direction of rotation and hydraulic pump with a changeable displacement volume

Motor with pump (power module)

Compressor (Air)

Pneumatic motor

Hydraulic rotary actuator

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