Aqua Sensor - AS 1000 Series


The AquaSensor AS 1000 is the culmination of the development of the successful AS 2000 series for online detection of water in oils, particularly as an OEM sensor for condition monitoring. It measures the water content relative to the saturation concentration (saturation point) and transmits the saturation level as a 4 ... 20 mA signal.

Therefore, as an alternative, the AS 1000 comes with two parameterizable switch outputs. These are factory-set to switch at a saturation level of 60% (SP 2 - warning) and 80% (SP1 - alarm). In addition, the AS 1000 measures the temperature of the fluid and also transmits this as a 4 .. 20 mA signal. The AS 1000, therefore, enables hydraulic and lubrication oils to be monitored accurately, continuously and online.

Its applications are mobile hydraulics and hydraulic and lubrication systems in the industry.


  • It is reliable on account of its compact, rugged design
  • A cost-effective sensor, also for use in OEM applications
  • Not necessary to calibrate the sensor to different types of oil
  • Pressure-resistant, even with pulsations
  • Also, a wide fluid temperature range
  • An early detection of water problems thus preventing faults and unnecessary interruption to operations.


Aqua Sensor AS 1000 Series

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