Aqua Sensor - AS 2000 Series


The AquaSensor AS 2000 serves for online measurement and indication of the percentage of dissolved water in hydraulic fluids. It can also measure the temperature, the level of saturation in percentage (volume %) irrespective of the oil type and age.

This level of saturation indicates how much water is dissolved in the oil as a percentage of the maximum possible (total saturation). In other words, 0% would indicate oil which is free of water and 100% would indicate that there is complete saturation of water in the oil.

What's more, its applications are applications in test rigs, lubrication systems and hydraulic systems for:

  • Dynamic trend measurement of the water content
  • Leakage monitoring
  • Maintenance planning
  • With or without integral display
  • Also, it is possible to transfer the measured values to a PC via RS 485 port
  • Analogue and switching outputs


Aqua Sensor AS 2000 Series

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