Automotive MultiRheo Filter - AMRF


The Automotive MultiRheo Filters AMRF are offline filtration units. Their utilisation if for open systems where the exposition to contamination is permanent. It also has a flow capacity up to 2000 l/min.

What's more, the filter elements protect components such as nozzles, high-pressure pumps or working filters. For example, it will be the case in function test rigs or industrial part washers.

On the other hand, it has various sizes with a variety of connection options available. Its applications are also pretty diverse:

  • Function test rigs
  • Industrial part washers
  • Machining centres
  • Filling stations
  • Engine oils
  • And lubrication systems


  • An economical operation as a result of high-quality standards, defined filtration rates and high separation values
  • A compact housing with high flow rates
  • An easy element change
  • An efficient protection of system and components
  • And environmentally friendly since filter elements are incinerable
  • 7 different installation sizes
  • Pressure: 10/16/40 bar (depending on the version)
  • As individual or reversible filters
  • Up to 52 elements


Automotive MultiRheo Filter AMRF

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