Medium heavy duty series - PPV100M


The PPV100M portfolio of open-circuit piston pumps is designed and built to optimize machine performance and productivity. With sophisticated controls that improve system efficiency and a compact design that delivers incredible power, the PPV100M portfolio empowers mobile machine operators to do more work in less time using less fuel.

Exceptional quality that provides remarkable reliability with bronze piston shoes, which are robust against contamination should particles enter the fluid, enhancing system performance and component service life.  Offers high-load bearings due to the larger, more durable bearings that resist wear and deliver industry-leading bearing life.

The PPV100M series is a perfect fit for mobile applications ranging from construction to refuse, whereby real estate is always a premium. Other application sectors include material handling, mining, forestry, cranes, agriculture, utility and military – best in its class.

Essential performance data:

  • 18 -100 cm³/rotation
  • Nominal pressure of up to 315 bar; maximum pressure of up to 350 bar
  • Speed of up to 3400 rpm
  • Pressure control, load sensing control and constant power control are available
Medium heavy duty series - PPV100M

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