CETOP 5, 4/3 Proportional Solenoid Valve with Integrated Electronics & Transducer - P4WRE 06


The P4WRE 06 is a direct-acting solenoid valve which combines the directional control with the velocity control of the consumer.

The controlled nominal flow is proportional to the electrical input signal at the coil. Indeed, analogue to his size the coil creates a force and moves the piston against the spring. So, herewith, it opens the corresponding cross-section diameters. It, therefore, determines the flow rate in dependence of the pressure differential.

Moreover, the integrated digital electronics permits a better performance of the valve and function by:

  • shortened response times
  • reduced hysteresis
  • better repeat accuracy
  • A high flow rate due to optimized casted housing
  • A small hysteresis by super finish of moving parts
  • A long life cycle times by armature switching under oil
  • A minimal wear by hardened and ground valve piston
  • Also, a simple exchangeability by international standardized hole pattern to ISO 4401
  • Finally, integrated digital amplifier and position transducer
CETOP 5 with Integrated Electronics Transducer P4WRE 06

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