CETOP 5, Pressure Compensator, Direct Acting - ZW-DW10


The ZW-DW10 is a pressure compensator direct-acting valve, sandwich plate type.

  • A hole pattern according to DIN 24340 Form A10, ISO 4401-05, NW 10
  • 2-way upstream pressure compensator sandwich plate type
  • It keeps the pressure differential between port P and ports A and B constant
  • A combination in general with a proportional directional valve to achieve a flow regulation independent of pressure changes
  • A built-in change-over valve controls the choice of the control pressure in line A and B
  • Also, there are two versions available: Δp = 4 bar, Δp = 8 bar
  • And it is easy to assemble under body-mounted spool valves to DIN 24340, to ISO 4401 (use longer screws)
CETOP 5 Pressure Compensator Direct Acting ZWDW10

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