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Bi-directional Sealed Valve WVM-4B-Bi

BIERI seated valves out of series WVM-4B-Bi are bidirectional, directly operated, oil leakage free valves suitable for constant pressure ranges up to 700 bar with mineral oils and also with high viscous media like grease up to NLGI-class 2. These electrically actuated valves can be flowed through in both directions.

Technical data:

  • p / size → 700 bar / NG 4 (Bieri)
  • Q / mineral oil 12 L/min
  • Q / grease 2,5 kg/min
  • T -40°C → +80°C
  • U 24 VDC, 110 VAC, 230 VAC


  • Surface mount body NG4, 700 bar, optionally up to -40°C
  • Pressure compensated design of valve cones, optimised dead space, high magnetic force and strong return spring
  • 360° rotary and exchangeable plug-in coil
  • Zinc iron coated coils, valve body made of corrosion resistant heat-treated steel
  • Check valves and orifices can be integrated


BieriBi-directional Sealed Valve WVM-4B-Bi
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