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Cab-Air Filtration

Due to increasingly high loads and the stricter requirements for air purity in vehicle cabs in sectors such as the construction and agricultural industries, existing systems for vehicle air conditioning and air filtration are no longer sufficient.

The number of ultra-fine particles is sometimes alarmingly high, either due to the frequent use of combustion engines or technical improvements in pre-filtration. These ultra-fine particles and nano-particles do not only accumulate in the lungs, due to their size they also enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the human body. This has now been recognised by the authorities, and legal regulations will be issued to account for these changes in the environmental conditions. To meet these demands and, of course, to provide a healthy cab climate for supporting effective working, RT already offers highly efficient air filter systems that can be fitted or retrofitted into cabs.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Easy to install and expand (on existing A/C or filter systems)
  • Sufficient system reserve (fan power, media design) for common cab sizes in construction and agriculture
  • Robust and simple design
  • Steel or plastic housing
  • Filtration of airborne pollutants, including nano-particles and gases



Modular product concept with numerous options for adjustments to individual customer requirements, e.g.:

  • Mounted version or installation version
  • Variation of fan sizes & control
  • Measurement of pressure difference in the cab
  • Connection for fan control and dynamic control

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