Condition Sensor Interface - CSI-B-1


The Condition Sensor Interface CSI-B-1 is a further element in the HYDAC Condition Monitoring concept. Indeed, it connects the sensor level with the interpretation level.

What's more, HYDAC sensors supply an HSI-Signal, which the CSI-B-1 converts into individual analogue signals. For each channel, we can choose the type of output: current or voltage signal.

In addition, in the transparent mode and with the aid of the PC software FluMoS, we can read the measured values.


  • 1 input channel for HYDAC sensors
  • A direct connection of the sensor via screw terminals
  • An automatic sensor recognition
  • A very compact design
  • Also, it is suitable for mounting on DIN rails
  • Protection class IP 40
Condition Sensor Interface CSI B 1

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