Condition Sensor Interface - CSI-C-11

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The ConditionSensor Interface CSI-C-11 serves to transmit digital sensor signals (HYDAC Sensor Interface HSI) into a network protocol (HSI TCP/IP or Modbus® TCP).

The transmission goes to a stationary (i.e PC) or mobile device (i.e. smartphone) via network cable (LAN) or wireless connection (W-LAN).

Moreover, the CSI-C-11 has an internal memory and can serve as a data logger. At the interface module, it is possible to connect up to two sensors via M12 connector and supplied with power.

In addition, the CSI-C-11 has an Ethernet connector (M12x1 socket). This allows the integration of connected sensors into company networks or superior condition monitoring (CM) and control systems (PLC). The CSI-C-11 serves as a supplement to the HYDAC ContaminationSensor Module CSM Economy.

Thanks to its integrated mounting plate (for wall mounting, for example), it can serve independently of the CSM-E.


  • 2 input channels for HYDAC SMART sensors
  • A direct connection of the sensors via M12x1 connectors
  • An easy network and system integration due to industrial network connectors (M12x1)
  • A wireless transmission and visualisation of the measured values via W-LAN and FluMoS / FluMoS mobile
  • The storage of the measured data directly on the CSI-C-11 (data logger)
  • A wireless parameterisation of the interface (i.e. IP address, subnet mask) via W-LAN and FluMoS mobile
  • Also, an integrated mounting plate for wall fastening or directly on the HYDAC ConditionSensor Module CSM Economy
  • Due to a high protection class of IP 66 no switch cabinet for installation required
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Electronics - software

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