Contamination Test Module - Fluid Analyser - CTM-FA


The Contamination Test Module CTM is a module system analysing the technical cleanliness of components.

First, it washes off the solid particle contamination from the surface of the component in a wet sampling process. Then, it analyses the fluid with the CTM Fluid Analyzer using a particle counter according to ISO 16232 size classifications. Moreover, the CTM-FA extraction module includes the fluid treatment necessary for this.

What's more, its applications are the following:

  • Automotive and supplier industry
  • Gearbox and engine builders
  • Mobile hydraulics and production of hydraulic components


  • A quick and instant analysis of technical cleanliness
  • It is suitable for production-related usage since system is enclosed
  • It saves the high laboratory costs for cleanliness analysis
  • The reduction in costs as a result of fewer production failures
  • The identification and elimination of weak spots in processes
  • Also, an optimization of internal and external processes
  • Customized documentation of the technical cleanliness of components


Contamination Test Module Fluid Analyser CTMFA

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