Contamination Test Module - Supply Control - CTM-SC


The Contamination Test Module CTM is a modular system who analyse the technical cleanliness of components.

How does it work?

First, it washes off the surface of the component of solid contamination. Then, we take samples from the fluid and analyse them using membranes.

Moreover, the Contamination Test Module CTM-SC is the central module of the CTM series. It serves as the fluid supply and the control of the entire extraction processes. It also contains the graphical user interface.

What's more, its applications are the following:

  • Automotive and supplier industry
  • GFear and engine builders
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Production of hydraulic / lubrication system components
  • Aircraft industry


  • It is possible to pulse analysis fluid if required
  • The adjustment of compressed air
  • The filling and drainage connection
  • The control and monitoring of CTM-E modules
  • Also, an automatic pressure setting using software
  • The user-programmable extraction procedure


  • The reduction in costs as a result of fewer production failures
  • The identification and elimination of weak process steps
  • The reduction in start-up breakdowns
  • Also, the optimisation of internal and external processes
  • And the documentation of the technical cleanliness of components


Contamination Test Module Supply Control CTMSC

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