Contamination Test Unit - CTU 1000


The Hydac Contamination Test Unit CTU 1000 series determines the surface cleanliness of lightly contaminated components.

So, the reasons behind this are the ever-increasing demands on a life expectancy of individual components and assemblies. Indeed, it has led to growing demands for technical cleanliness of components and systems. Starting with production, assembly and storage, this extends right through to operation of the complete system. By analysing the type, size and quantity of the contamination, the verification, and documentation of quality standards is possible. Therefore, it is also possible to implement the required measures for improvement.

What's more, its applications are the following:

  • Automotive and supplier industry
  • Transmission and engine builders
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Manufacturers of hydraulic
  • Lubrication systems and components


  • The reduction in costs as a result of fewer production failures
  • The identification and elimination of weak processes
  • The reduction in start-up breakdowns
  • Also, an optimisation of both internal and external handling processes
  • A customised documentation of the technical cleanliness of components


Contamination Test Unit CTU 1000

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