CSM 2000 Series


The ContaminationSensor Module CSM 2000 is an online condition monitoring system. Therefore, it records solid particle contamination in hydraulic and lubrication fluids containing a high proportion of air bubbles.

The use of air bubble suppression dissolves the air bubbles so that there is no detection of particles. In addition, it is the ideal solution for analysing the particle content of fluids, independently of the rest of the hydraulic system.

As an option, other condition monitoring sensors such as the HYDAC AquaSensor can be incorporated.


  • Lubrication oil system in paper, steel and energy sectors
  • For preventive, pro-active maintenance
  • Monitoring of component cleanliness on test rigs
  • Monitoring of oil cleanliness in reservoirs
  • A cost-effective, system solution
  • Numerous data interfaces provide, amongst other things, communication via WLAN, intranet or the internet
  • An online monitoring of the oil cleanliness with an alarm function to indicate:
    • Ingress of, and increase in contamination
    • Increase in contamination as components start to wear
    • When there are filtration problems
  • The verification of cleanliness on test rigs
  • The verification of changes in the oil cleanliness as a result of inadequate servicing
CSM 2000 Series

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