Customised / On-site Training

Customised / On-site Training

HYDAC provides both customised and on-site hydraulic training solutions to organisations. We recognise the importance of upskilling employees on a continuous basis with the training targeted at their workplace needs; this allows them to remain safe and become competent and knowledgeable in their duties.

We have previously delivered either customised or on-site training for BHP, Rio Tinto, AGCO Corporation, Grange Resources, Glencore, Swinburne University of Technology and many other organisations across Australia. 

Topics can include a combination of our standard hydraulic courses, filtration, accumulators, thermal optimisation, advanced digital control, patch testing etc.

Currently these are the dates we have available for onsite / customised training in 2022:

  • Week 12 (21st - 25th March )
  • Week 23 (6th – 10th June)
  • Week 27 (4th – 8th July)
  • Week 31 (1st – 5th August)
  • Week 40 (3rd  – 7th September)
  • Week 41 (10th – 14th September)
  • Week 47 (21st – 25th November)
  • Week 50 (12th – 16th December)

If you would like more information on a customised or an on-site training solution for your organisation, contact us at or call us on 1300 449 322.

HYDAC customised / on-site training courses