Diesel PreCare Unit


Mobile machines and commercial vehicles are subject to the toughest working conditions all over the world.

Therefore, optimum diesel fuel conditioning is particularly important. It ensures a smooth running of vehicles and protects both the engine and the whole drive system from damage.

HYDAC Diesel PreCare, a modern system for diesel filtration:

Indeed, it protects vehicle manufacturers and operators from failures, breakdowns and expensive service interventions.

Our solution "HYDAC Diesel PreCare" is a cup filter system available in two versions:

  • A manual water discharge (BestCost design): The conventional, operator-dependent solution.
  • A fully automatic discharge Plug & Play (High Tech design): The innovative solution for fully automatic dewatering, independent of the operator, even when operated on the suction side.

The special features of these filters can bring you outstanding achievement in performance data. This is possible because of a 2-stage water removal and superb filtration characteristics through the use of synthetic media.

Both systems serve for use as pre-filters on the suction-side. As such, they protect all the pumps and components in the fuel system from water and contamination.



Diesel PreCare Unit

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