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The HY-eVision² product family sets new standards with respect to maximum resolution, programmable with CODESYS 3.x, and user-friendliness.

Indeed, the modular operator terminals are available in two versions. On one hand, a large 10.4-inch variant with touchscreen (HY-eVision² 10.4). On the other hand, a smaller 7-inch version (HY-eVision² 7.0) with or without a touchscreen. However, both rugged displays have a powerful built-in display controller and are suitable for harsh conditions in off-highway vehicles.

What's more, their design lead them to become the central operator interface in mobile equipment and offer optimized visualization of the various in-vehicle parameters. Object-oriented programming concepts allow fast and easy adoption of the HMI to different languages. It also allows specific additions to transparency effects, graphics library, and Unicode fonts.

Key Characteristics:

  • An excellent sunlight readability
  • Best-in-class CPU performance and boot-up time
  • It is capable of displaying two simultaneous video feeds – everything in sight • Ability to display and generate PDF documents
  • A creation of PDF files
  • A high-end graphics (picture-in-picture, overlay, 3D, transparency effects)
  • A sleep mode - wake up within < 0,5 sec
  • A software update of display and connected ECUs via USB • Up to 4 CAN interfaces
  • Also, it has GPS, GSM as well as WLAN enabled (fleet management / remote maintenance)
  • And it is robust and easy to clean

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Electronics - software

Electronics - software

Displays Operator Interface

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