Electro-Hydraulic Control Systems 5

Understanding proportional electro-hydraulic technology.

Four days course.


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Electronic control of hydraulic systems has become commonplace. Understanding proportional electro-hydraulic technology is essential for system designers and service technicians.

This course demonstrates working examples of the interaction between various valves, controllers and amplifier cards through practical exercises.

 You will cover:

  • Basics of electric and electronic control
  • Electro-hydraulic operation
  • Practical exercises using hard wired logic
  • Practical exercises using a programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Practical exercises incorporating process measurement, troubleshooting commissioning, and modifying  of control systems
  • Practical exercises using sensors, proportional valves and PLC programs

 Note that HYDAC Basic Hydraulics 1 course or equivalent is the prerequisite for this course.

Electro-Hydraulic Control Systems 5


Basics of Electronics and Measurement Technology

We have a 173-page textbook available, entitled “Basics of Electronics and Measurement Technology”.

This book can only be purchased by those who attend the course. 

These are some of the topics highlighted in this textbook:

  • Introduction to physical principles
    • Introduction
    • Fundamental quantities and laws
    • Electrical and magnetic fields
    • Semiconductor physics
  • Components and their application
    • Introduction
    • Voltage and current sources
    • Fixed resistor
    • Capacity (capacitor)
    • Inductance (solenoid coil)
    • Semiconductor diode
    • Bipolar transistor
  • Measuring transducers
    • Introduction
    • Design