Filtromat - OF5 Mobile


The HYDAC OF5 Mobile series is a filtration unit. It has a flow capacity up to 40 l/min and a pressure capacity up to 4.5 bar.

The design of the filtration unit OF 5 mobile is for filling hydraulic tanks (whilst filtering the fluid). It can also filter offline and pump hydraulic and lubrication oils out of hydraulic tanks (without filtration).

What's more, it is also possible to equip the mobile filtration unit with a Contamination Sensor CS 1000. Therefore, this can be an option for simultaneous monitoring of solid particle contamination in the oil.

Also, its applications are hydraulic and lubrication oil systems in a variety of industries.


  • A convenient offline filtration
  • Simple to operate
  • A greater system availability
  • Also, the reduction of Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
  • Finally, the filtration and fluid monitoring (optional) available in one device


  • A convenient filtration in bypass flow
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Filtromat OF5 Mobile

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