Fluid Aqua Mobil - FAM 25/45/60/75/95


The FluidAqua Mobil FAM 25/45/60/75/95 series operates on the principle of vacuum dewatering to eliminate free and dissolved water. It also frees and dissolves gases from hydraulic and lubrication fluids.

The unit can be extremely economical when using HYDAC offline filter element technology with its high contamination retention capacity and filtration efficiency.

What's more, all units have an AquaSensor AS1000 for continuous monitoring of the water content and for controlling the unit. It is also possible to fit a particle sensor CS1000 as an option for simultaneous monitoring of solid particle contamination.

Moreover, building or retrofitting an optional heater is possible in order to increase the dewatering capacity, for high viscosity fluids or for low fluid temperatures.

The Siemens S7 series of programmable logic control (PLC) in combination with a Siemens control panel guarantees simple and reliable operation in many languages.


  • Extremely low residual water levels, gas levels and particle contamination in the operating fluids make for:
    • A longer oil changes intervals
    • An improved component service life
    • Also, a greater machine availability
    • And a reduction in the LifeCycle Cost (LCC)


  • Flow rates (at 50 Hz) up to approximately 95 l/min
  • Operating pressure 0 … 4.5 bar


Fluid Aqua Mobil FAM 2545607595

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