Fluid Aqua Mobil - FAM 5


The FluidAqua Mobil FAM 5 serves for dewatering, degassing and filtering hydraulic and lubrication fluids.

It operates on the principle of vacuum dewatering to eliminate free and dissolved water as well as free and dissolved gases. By using HYDAC Dimicron filter technology which has a high contamination retention capacity and filtration efficiency, the FAM 5 is extremely cost-effective.

Moreover, its compact and mobile design makes it ideally suited for service work. The version for permanent installation provides continuous protection for the following applications:

  • Where operating fluids require optimal conditioning
  • If there is the utilisation of valuable bio-oils or fire-resistant operating fluids
  • Where water frequently gets into the system


  • A small, compact and easy-to-use unit for prompt deployment during service calls or emergencies
  • Reliable and convenient for fixed and permanent use due to extensive monitoring functions
  • An optionally integrated heater to increase dewatering performance, especially for cold or high viscosity oils
  • An optionally integrated water content and particle measurement technology with continuous display of the measurements and storage of the values
  • The very low residual water content, gas content and particle contamination result in longer oil change intervals. It also improves the life expectancy of components, higher the machine availability and as a result, induces a reduction in the Life Cycle Cost (LCC)


Fluid Aqua Mobil FAM 5

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