Fluid Cleaner Mobil - FCM


The Fluid Cleaner Mobil FCM is a mobile oil service unit. It has a flow capacity up to 100 l/min, and a pressure capacity up to 10 bar. It mainly serves for offline filtration when filling systems and when transferring hydraulic and lubricating fluids.

With the FCM, HYDAC is providing a flexible and reliable service unit for conditioning oil. It, therefore, significantly increases the life expectancy of operating media, components and thus, of entire systems. The result is, of course, the reduction in operating costs.

On the other hand, its applications are hydraulic and lubrication systems in different industries. For example, machine tools, plastic injection moulding machines, paper mills, construction machinery, steel industry, marine & offshore, mobile industry.


  • Prevents costly component damage and system failures
  • Also, a reliable and convenient operation can increase the oil service life
  • Finally, the reduction in Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
  • Flow rate: max. 100 l/min
  • Operating pressure: pmax = 10 bar
  • Viscosity range: max. 15 ... 1000 mm²/s
  • Also, a safe and convenient handling
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Fluid Cleaner Mobil FCM

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