Heat exchangers


TFR-E Series of Heat Exchanger

TFR-E consists of copper or stainless steel tubes expanded into aluminum or copper ns. Designed for low to medium ow rates.

Cost effective and easily customizable. Can be designed for OEM applications.

Preliminary calculation on performances available.

TFR-N Series of Heat Exchangers

TFR-N series consists in at tubes CAB brazed with ns to obtain good thermal performances in a cost-effective way.

Reliable and well known in the automotive industry.

Full aluminum construction in order to have full compatibility with aluminum cold plates.

PBR Series of Heat Exchangers

Aluminum Air to Liquid heat exchangers with plate and bar structure, vacuum brazed.

PBR is available in standard sizes and can be customized for OEM, also with the possibility to include sensors, probes, and fans mounted on particular chassis on custom requests.

Heat exchangers

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