HYDAC Mobile Training Rig


We would like to introduce HYDAC’s new Mobile Training Rig.


Our Mobile Training Rig enables us to do on-site training easily, the unit is transportable, easy to operate, very robust and it has plenty of space to carry all the hydraulic components and literature material.

The rig is powered by two hydraulic power units run by 240V AC, making it easy to run basically anywhere, and it contains all necessary equipment to conduct a hydraulic technical training, such as hydraulic valves, that can be mounted into the board, hoses and other products to make a hydraulic circuit. The unit also has a bench vice that is very handy when students are performing their tasks.

In our courses, students learn by doing real hands-on exercises, and the Mobile Training Rig plays an essential role in this approach.

This unit is very unique; it’s the first of its kind in Australia and around the world.

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HYDAC Mobile Training Rig

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