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HYDAC Training Centre

HYDAC Training Centre offers 10 practical courses on a variety of hydraulic topics. From understanding the basics of hydraulics to tackling specific products, such as thermal optimisation, filtration and electronics, HYDAC’s courses are designed to keep engineers on top of their game.

Our students learn not only in the classroom, but they have the privilege to get their hands on the products and practice using our latest and unique state of the art technology, such as the Hydraulic / Electro-hydraulic Training Rig, Cooling Systems Rig, Control Technology products, etc… Students will definitely learn by doing.

Some of the courses are Nationally Recognised in Australia: Basic Hydraulics 1, Maintain Hydraulics 2, Intermediate Hydraulics 3, Maintain Hydraulic Systems 4 and Electro-hydraulic Control Systems 5.

Enrol today and if you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us on +61 3 9272 8900. Cheers!

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Courses available

Basic Hydraulics 1

(MEM30010A) Set up basic hydraulic circuits

Maintain Hydraulics 2

(MEM18020B) Maintain Hydraulic System Components

Intermediate Hydraulics 3

(MEM18011C) Shut Down & Isolate Machines / Equipment

Maintain Hydraulic Systems 4

MEM18021B Maintain Hydraulic Systems

Electro-hydraulic Control Systems 5

Electro-hydraulic Control Systems 5 (MEM18022B)

Practical Hydraulics


Thermal Optimisation

Understanding and applications

Hydraulic System Cleanliness Principles


Tailor-made On-site Training

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"The pump controls and pressure sequencing information were very interesting and I particularly enjoyed all the calculations of the cylinder."
Course: Intermediate Hydraulics 3
"This course was very interesting as it gave me insights on systematically the following schematic to ensure setup is totally correct. At the end of the course, I was able to recognise components and functions, and being able to connect a circuit together."
Course: Practical Hydraulics
"With this course, it was easy to understand everything! It's very easy to follow, step by step, the instructions and lessons given during the course. I think that the instructor is very kind, possesses high skills and know how to easily share his knowledge with his students."
Course: Basic Hydraulics 1

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