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Maintain Hydraulics 2

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Course Outline

In this course, you will learn:

1. Check hydraulic system components.

  • System components are identified correctly.
  • The characteristics and operational function of each system component are understood.
  • The operational function of each component is inspected and tested.
  • Correct operation of each component is assessed against specifications.

2. Identify and repair or replace faulty hydraulic system components.

  • Faulty system components are localised and malfunction is confirmed by inspection and testing using fluid power principles, procedures and safety requirements.
  • Faulty system components are dismantled and rectified to manufacturers’/site specifications.
  • Replacement parts are selected from manufacturers’ catalogues according to required specifications.
  • System components are reassembled and tested for correct operation and assessment against specifications.
  • Correct operation of the hydraulic system is confirmed to designated operating procedure.
  • Appropriate follow-up procedures are adopted according to standard operating procedures.
  • Where appropriate, service reports are completed using standard operating procedures.

This training unit can be nationally recognised through an association with Kangan Institute.


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