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Agricultural Equipment

Working Hydraulics

  • Central control block



  • Tank top filters RF and RFM


Vehicle suspension with Level Control System, Electronics and Sensors

  • Hydropneumatic cab suspension
  • Softride suspension


Front Loader Hydraulics

  • Quick release
  • Front loader control


Transmission Hydraulics

  • Twin Flow System using pressure filters


Also in trailer-mounted machinery and in agricultural trailers.

Working Hydraulics 

  • Loader control
  • Silage trailer control


Filtration using Inline Filters MFM

Axle Steering

  • Self-steering for rear axle


Vehicle suspension

  • Softride suspension
  • Simple axle suspension for livestock trailer
  • Dog-leg towbar suspension



  • Ball valves and fluid level gauges and sensors
  • Pipe connections, hose and cable couplings, component mounting
  • Bell housings and couplings


Agricultural Equipment        Agricultural Equipment2        Agricultural Equipment3
DEF. and Systems for Agricultural Machinery
E.10.120.2Components, Systems and Service for Tractors
E.10.121.0Components, Systems and Service for Agricultural Technology
E. Air Filters for Finest Dust and Nanodust
E. Spreading in Slurry Technology
E. Electro-hydraulic Steering Systems
E., Service and Systems for Hydraulic Excavators
E. Solutions for Sprayers
e.18.700.0.01.13Functional Safety for Mobile Machines
E. for Balers and Wrappers
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