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Automotive Industry

HYDAC components, systems and services are used widely in different applications in the production of automotive vehicles.

Our wide range of products, combined with our expertise in development, manufacturing, sales, and services enable us to accept the challenges of the automotive industry and to find solutions for the following tasks:

  • Reduction in 0 km breakdowns
  • Preparation of process chains analyses
  • Optimisation of manufacturing processes
  • Standardisation of components and systems
  • Advice, engineering, and training
  • Worldwide services, repairs, maintenance and spare parts for oil, lubrication, cooling lubricants, water and air


Whether it’s in machine tools, cooling lubricant systems, presses, cleaning systems or test rigs, you will find products from all HYDAC divisions in use everywhere:

  • Oil and lubrication filtration, cooling lubricant filtration, filtration of cleaning systems and other operating fluids.
  • Accumulators and accumulator stations on machine tools and presses.
  • Water, air, and compressor cooling systems for engines and cooling lubricants in machine tools.
  • Pressure measurement technology and condition monitoring sensors for fluid technology plants and systems.


Worldwide approval in the automotive industry DESINA®-conforming products Worldwide component availability.

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E.10.136.0Components and Systems for the Automotive Industry
E.10.125.1Service and Fluid Engineering for Automotive Production
V1.2.ENVolkswagen AG Approved Parts List
E. Engineering for Plant Operators
E. Engineering for Cleanliness Technology
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